Sales & Operations Execution

Focused, short-term planning to predict and resolve challenges faster

Your team worked hard developing a long-term plan to achieve your business goals. Now, it’s time to execute. Leverage sales and operations execution (S&OE) to anticipate and resolve challenges to keep your sales and operations plan on track. Access powerful machine learning-powered tools to predict and resolve supply chain challenges faster, boosting productivity and more effectively integrating planning with execution.


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Planning Efficiency Improvement
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Reduced Expediting Expenses
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Service-Level Improvement

Sales & Operations Execution

Align tactical execution to strategic and financial plans.

Scan for disruption prediction and assess tactical forecast conformance to plan.

Trace disruption and enable rapid auto-resolutions of common disruptions with ML based root-cause analysis.

Enable agile and aligned outcome-based decision making through collaboration resolution assisted by ML based scenarios.

Automate common resolutions and self-learning scenarios to allow planning and logistics associates to focus on strategic issues.

Fulfill Your Execution Potential with Blue Yonder

Closed Loop S&OE

Align tactical execution to strategic and financial plans.

Improved disruption monitoring and resolution

Monitor ecosystem to anticipate disruption and re-align the supply chain accordingly.

Increased visibility

Granularity and flexibility of the planning process across time horizons provides increased visibility across the supply chain.

Proactive approach to disruption

Transform from reactive mode to a ‘predict and pivot' paradigm with ML driven disruption predictions, automated resolutions of tactical issues and collaborative scenario assistance. 

Collaborative execution

Develop comprehensive processes and aligned metrics that create aligned outcomes and collaboration from sales through planning to execution. 

Minimized cost and time-to-value

Maximize OTIF conformance subject to service level agreements to ensure rapid time-to-value. Reduce excess cost of expedited shipments by predicting service level failures and dynamic re-alignment of inventory.

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