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With sustainability a key priority for every organization, you must stay agile yet cost-conscious and responsibly manage your carbon footprint. Modeling enables you to identify potential efficiencies, decrease mileage and emissions, quantify your transportation savings, and prioritize your implementation rollout in your complex multi-modal transportation network. With the extensive knowledge base and near real-time data, you can confidently streamline your logistics.


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Annual Transportation Cost Savings
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Overall Travel Distances Reduction
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Decreased Emissions


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Continually identify the most efficient and lowest-cost network to satisfy business needs.

Navigate disruptions and make fact-based decisions with powerful what-if scenarios driven by patented algorithms.
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Define business cases based on real-world data and analysis. Find the most efficient and lowest-cost network by considering inbound and outbound together. ​

Fulfill your Transportation Potential with Blue Yonder

Reduced costs

Utilize mode shifting to enable rapid business change and improve dynamic mode decisions.

Maximized container utilization

Leverage 3D load building to maximize container usage, reducing miles and number of assets used during transportation planning.

Optimized network

Easily determine the most efficient and lowest-cost network to satisfy all user-defined requirements and customer-focused objectives.

Improved fleet utilization

Analyze fleet size and better determine optimal locations across the network.

Evaluation of new rates

Quantify changes in spend by testing impact of newly negotiated rates on transportation network.

Optimized tradeoffs

Consider continuous moves and backhauls for more efficient tradeoffs between fleet and contract carriers across the network.

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