Workforce Management

Increase employee engagement, improve productivity and reduce turnover

Associate retention is critical to sustaining operational excellence in today’s competitive workforce market. Organizations can elevate retention rates through flexible scheduling options that drive higher levels of employee engagement and meet the changing needs of a diverse workforce. Blue Yonder’s workforce management capabilities increase associate productivity and the overall performance of the business unleashing your employees to become an enduring competitive advantage.


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Increased Employee Engagement

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Reduced Labor Violations

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Reduced Labor Expenses

Workforce Management

Support multiple clock-in options, validate employee schedules and improve attendance management. Increase confidence in schedules and account for employee preferences.

Optimize workforce by seamlessly sharing labor pools across the organization.

Schedule the workforce with optimal precision that meets business needs. 

Forecast demand-based labor plans with precision. Increase scheduling accuracy, optimize long-term labor plans, and balance corporate strategies.

Increase employee engagement and reduce uncovered shifts with a mobile self-service shift marketplace for a multi-generation workforce.

Fulfill Your Workforce Potential with Blue Yonder

Masterful management of time, attendance and payroll

Support multiple clock-in options, validate employee schedules and improve attendance management.

Automated labor forecasts and schedules 

Schedule the workforce with optimal precision that meets business needs. Increase confidence in schedules, improve forecast accuracy and match preferences of employees.

Shared labor pools across the organization

Optimize workforce by taking a platform approach to workforce needs, sharing labor from DC to store.

Single platform for workforce needs

Provide visibility across the enterprise for workforce needs to support demand and maintain proper staff levels.

Support legal compliance

Provide predictive schedules, configure to support diverse needs and support contract management.

Attract and retain top talent

Increase employee engagement and talent retention with a self-service shift marketplace. Support personal choices and reduce uncovered shifts.

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