Workforce Management

Empower employees, improve productivity, and keep your data secure

For businesses like yours to retain talent and attract new people, it’s essential to balance the needs of your employees with those of your business. Blue Yonder’s Workforce Management solutions is designed to help you address today’s labor challenges with flexible scheduling, time and attendance, simplified labor compliance and long-range planning. Reduce turnover and achieve higher levels of productivity for the frontline and managers alike. Built on the secure Microsoft Azure platform, this solution includes built-in security controls and threat intelligence to keep your organization protected from evolving cyber threats.


With Workforce Management, you can gain up to:


Increased Employee Engagement


Reduced Labor Violations


Reduced Labor Expenses 


Workforce Management

Pinpoint the perfect staffing levels, striking the ideal balance between meeting workload demands and avoiding unnecessary costs. By optimizing the number of employees, you can ensure seamless operations, enhanced productivity, and cost-effective resource utilization. 


Every worker has skills and preferences that make them valuable at the right time. Blue Yonder’s science-driven  labor optimization ensures employee preferences are factored into the schedule, allowing employees to own their own schedule.

Managers today are overwhelmed by new responsibilities. Blue Yonder’s intelligent auto-scheduling can help to redirect your managers back to the shopfloor where their wisdom and experience drives positive team morale that can improve productivity by 25%.

Seamlessly adapt to evolving legal landscapes, ensuring your business stays in lockstep with ever-changing legislation. From labor laws to industry regulations, our cutting-edge solutions not only keep you compliant but also provide the agility needed to navigate the complexities of workforce regulations. 


Blue Yonder’s AI-driven holistic supply chain platform includes capabilities to manage and optimize labor across stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices to deliver visibility and orchestration across the entire organization.

Fulfill Your Workforce Potential with Blue Yonder

Safeguard your employee data

Running your workforce management solution on Microsoft Azure protects your organization from cyberattacks, ensuring continued paycheck delivery.

Support legal compliance

Provide predictive schedules, configure to support diverse needs and support contract management.

Attract and retain top talent

Increase employee engagement and talent retention with a self-service shift marketplace. Enable personal employee choices and reduce uncovered shifts.

Masterful management of time, attendance and payroll

Support multiple clock-in options, validate employee schedules and improve attendance management.

Automated labor forecasts and schedules 

Schedule the workforce with optimal precision that meets business needs. Increase confidence in schedules, improve forecast accuracy and match the preferences of your employees.

Shared labor pools across the organization

Optimize workforce by taking a platform approach to workforce needs, sharing labor from DC to store.

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