Returns Management

Turn Returns From a Cost Center to a Competitive Advantage

Managing the entire end-to-end lifecycle of a product means you need the same level of sophistication and focus on the returns journey that you have for the pre-sale. Blue Yonder’s returns management solutions enable you to manage the full journey. That means delivering a seamless experience, embedding convenience and speed for your customers, as well as intelligently protecting the business from inefficient returns processes that drive up costs while maximizing revenue recovery to make your returns as profitable as possible.

Building Better Returns

Making returns digital, seamless, and profitable 

Blue Yonder's Returns Management

Blue Yonder’s returns management turns returns into a competitive advantage, transforming the customer experience and giving you visibility and control over the returns process. Imagine an end-to-end returns journey that is efficient, sustainable & delights customers at all touchpoints. Dynamic rules & processes ensure all items are routed back to the right place at the right speed, ensuring maximum availability, efficiency & minimized wastage. Our microservices approach delivers flexibility and performance, and with millions of transactions already processed, Blue Yonder delivers the responsiveness, scale and performance that ensures volume isn’t a concern.

Microservices-Based Applications

Let customers book a return in a branded, digital journey

Provide an intuitive and fully brandable consumer experience, which consumers use to initiate a return by selecting an eligible product from their purchases, selecting a return reason and a drop-off location. Retailers can be onboarded in less than two weeks to access a customizable journey, a paperless return process and automated branded consumer communications and tracking.

Make and automate intelligent decisions

Reduce the cost of returns and maximize revenue recovery with the power of returns orchestration. Configure an advanced rules engine to ensure only the right returns are allowed to happen, that each item is routed to the right place at the right speed, and that every choice maximizes profitability. Capture and connect returns data to generate insights that further tune your intelligent rules engine.

Enable best-in-class returns processing - instore or in warehouse

Our returns processing application is designed for staff to process returns efficiently in your store or warehouse, with an intuitive UX that allows staff to quickly scan in, manage, store and scan out returns.

Delight customers and store associates with self-service returns drop-off

The returns Drop-Off Kiosk allows customers to drop off returns in under 30 seconds without having to interact with a staff member, allowing store associates to focus on high-value tasks and giving customers more time to shop. The Drop-Off Kiosk is fully accessible with multiple languages, Talk-Back, navigation pads and adjustable text.


Grow Revenue

Improve sales with a better customer experience that drives higher customer lifetime value, retention, increased store footfall and revenue recovery.

Reduce Return Costs

Eliminate labels, block ineligible returns, and consolidate returns to reduce shipping costs.

Optimize Resources

Remove pressure on store associates to handle returns with self-service drop-offs, and reduce customer service queries with automated communications.

Inventory Visibility

Understand where products are at all times, including items coming back into stock through returns.

Intelligent Routing

Reduce transport costs by intelligently routing returns to the optimal location, and processing them more efficiently

Fulfill Your Returns Potential With Blue Yonder

Reduce Return Rates  

Analyze specific return reasons like sizing, quality and defects to understand and address returns at the root cause, by making changes to assortment, imagery, product descriptions and sizing guides. 

Improved Customer Experience (CX)

Create a seamless brand experience that customers love, with an easy-to-use returns journey that links to customer orders, clear communications and tracking information, and speedy refunds.

Maximize Revenue Recovery 

Rescue the sale with in-journey exchanges that swap sizes or colors without the need for a refund, and use high-value returns touchpoints to deliver promotional messaging that ensures consumers spend their refunds with you.

Route Returns to the Right Place

See when stock is coming back and intelligently direct it to the right location with custom-configured rulesets, whether that’s to a warehouse to be restocked, a repair center, or directly to liquidation.

Process Returns Efficiently

Utilize cost-effective shipping methods by consolidating returns in drop-off locations, retaining maximum value, and plan for the right volume of returns with full visibility of incoming returns volume.

End-to-End Inventory

Understand the full inventory picture, including stock that is currently being returned, preventing overstock and making replenishment more efficient. Bring high-value items back into stock more quickly, and resell faster, reducing the need for markdowns.

Drive Foot Traffic to Stores

Encourage customers to return to your stores, by highlighting your stores in the drop-off options and using pricing incentives. More than half of customers returning items in-store make additional purchases.

Efficient In-Store Operations

Leverage stores for returns drop-off and drive new foot traffic without burdening store staff with automated self-service returns drop-off.

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