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Blue Yonder Acquires Yantriks to Deliver Dynamic Commerce

Combined company delivers superior e-commerce experiences through a reimagined customer-centric supply chain.

Your Readiness Checklist

Here are key actions to keep top of mind as you re-calibrate strategies to keep your business resilient and competitive.

Powerful Fulfillment Backbone

HERBL Solutions is developing an end-to-end supply chain and fulfillment backbone with Luminate™ Platform as its foundation.

Transform Your Workforce

Put your workforce where they are needed most. Blue Yonder workforce improves visibility and empowers an autonomous workforce.

Turn Disruption to Opportunity with Our Luminate™ Platform

Disruption is forcing industries to look for opportunities to continue being leaders in their domain. With the Luminate Platform, you can optimize and automate business decisions, creating a more profitable supply chain while delivering seamless and superior customer experiences

Why Blue Yonder?


top Gartner Supply Chains run Blue Yonder


of the top retailers use Blue Yonder


of the top manufacturers run Blue Yonder 

Leader in ALL 4 Gartner Supply Chain Magic Quadrants

A Seamless End-to-End Digital Commerce Experience

Control Tower

Real-time visibility and orchestration across your supply chain

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Enable more accurate, profitable business decisions

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Internet of Things

Harness the power of the edge

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Analytics & Insights

Improve strategic insight to guide the enterprise

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Data Management

Unify vast sources of data into a single model

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Integration & APIs

Easily connect data within and beyond your enterprise

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User Experience

Consistent and compelling user experience across the enterprise

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Workflow & Orchestration

Streamline and guide roles and processes across the enterprise

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Luminate Platform

Complete Supply to Demand Orchestration

Fulfill your potential using the world’s most powerful developer platform for modernized, digital supply chains. See what Luminate Platform can do for your organization!

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