High-Tech & Semiconductor

Transform your global supply chain for visibility, agility and resilience

High-Tech manufacturers expect to drive growth while managing constant supply chain disruptions.

Disruptions have become a constant part of High-Tech & Semiconductor supply chains and the first step enhancing resilience is gaining visibility.

Over this fireside chat session, Blue Yonder’s Puneet Saxena speaks with one of the company’s thought-leading customers -- Jodi Larson, General Manager of Microsoft Cloud Supply Chain Strategy & Transformation -- to understand how Microsoft has been dealing with the massive growth in its Azure Cloud business.

Explore the Future of High-Tech & Semiconductor

With Blue Yonder’s predictive supply chain planning and execution solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, high-tech and semiconductor manufacturers can drive revenue and margin objectives while meeting modern day consumer expectations for speed, availability, personalization, and sustainability requirements.

Network Design & Optimization

Design & optimize your supply chain network to reduce costs, mitigate risks, and increase service levels with agility and speed. Achieve true optimization across the end-to-end supply chain.

Integrated Business Planning

Increase growth and build greater supply chain resilience with dynamic what-if scenarios based on short-term and long-term business and financial strategies. Align business strategy to supply chain action while responding to market changes and disruptions.

Integrated Demand & Supply

Improve quality of demand predictions through proven industry leading AI/ML techniques. Drive agility and speed with collaborative demand and supply scenario analysis using modern situation rooms and playbooks. Grow revenue, gain higher margins, improve customer service levels, and lower inventory levels.

Omni-Channel Execution

Inventory & Order Management: Drive revenue growth through eCommerce, direct and distribution channels with a single view of real-time inventory. Increase customer service levels with optimized order fulfillment, warehouse management and last-mile delivery options

Warehouse Management: Enable end-to-end control and real-time visibility of your inventory with optimized warehouse management strategies from supplier’s production to the end-user. Grow revenue and margins with improved fulfillment accuracy and productivity with OTIF, accurate cycle counts and supporting new customers and channels.

Transportation Management: Transform your operations with advanced routing and container optimization, end-to-end visibility, and control to deliver real-time optimization for goods in-transit. Optimize transportation costs with precise network performance evaluation, predictive modeling and business analytics.

Real-time Visibility & Collaboration

Gain real-time visibility into your end-to-end supply chain, identify and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities across the network, including carriers, vendors, third-party logistics and suppliers

Real Results 

Infinite Possibilities with Infineon

Infineon tested sales and operations planning (S&OP) solutions from a number of different vendors. They selected Blue Yonder’s S&OP, in order to create an integrated solution suite that could provide both a reliable demand forecast and realistic production plans. Out of all of the solutions Infineon evaluated, Blue Yonder’s S&OP was the only solution that fulfilled the functional requirements of volume planning and production maturity.

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