Retail Softlines

Deliver personalized experiences that engage customers no matter how they choose to shop

Buying habits shift quickly
in today’s consumer-driven world

Softline retailers have seen a dramatic impact on their business. Skyrocketing customer expectations, competition across every channel, dramatic demand fluctuations and significant returns volume have all become part of daily operations.

Today, inventory lifecycles are shorter and supply chains more complex, it’s important to be able to adapt quickly as things change.

Explore the Future of Retail Softlines

Blue Yonder helps softline retailers integrate business planning with efficient execution across all channels to rapidly and intelligently fulfill customer expectations and deliver the frictionless experience they expect.

Strategic Planning & Demand Management

Manage Pre-season, In-season, OTB and other merchandising strategies, inventory plans and distributions end-to-end for a faster and more responsive supply chain.

Assortment & Space Management

Gain a comprehensive and accurate understanding of available space and maximize the use of all shelf and floor space to help drive profitable sales for new fashion and continuity items.

Lifecycle Pricing

Fully automate pricing decisions across the entire product lifecycle to make smarter decisions that optimize margins while appealing to customers’ sense of fashion and value.

Inventory Planning & Management

Gain the insights and automation needed to prepare for anything, so even when the unexpected happens you have the right products at just the right locations to meet demand.

Omni-Channel Engagement

Align labor scheduling with predicted demand to help ensure exceptional service across every purchase.

Omni-Channel Execution

Warehouse Management: Simplify the complex task of meeting customers’ demand for omni-channel fulfillment to optimize inventory, deliver personalized service and solve for last mile flexibility.

Transportation Management: Drive profits and maximize asset utilization with dynamic routing, optimized load building and real-time visibility.

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Real-Time Visibility & Orchestration​

Visualize the entire flow of goods across the supply chain, to measure the impact of supply, demand, and disruptions in real-time. Use prescriptive resolutions to mitigate risks, analyze trade-offs, balance outcomes, and respond with speed, agility, and confidence.

Future-Proofing Your Retail Strategy

Today retailers find themselves in an incredibly difficult situation. They’re challenged to deliver certain financial results in a market environment characterized by extreme uncertainty. And they’re struggling for control as significant power has shifted to the retail consumer.

This eBook outlines the connected capabilities retailers must master to gain greater control and a more predictable supply chain in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Real Results 

L.L.Bean's Pandemic Response
Powered by Blue Yonder

Hear how L.L.Bean have navigated through the uncertainty and shifts in demand during the pandemic with Blue Yonder. Members of he L.L. Bean Forecasting and Buying teams walk through their experience.

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