Adaptive Fulfillment and Warehousing

Fulfill Your Customers Orders When They Want it, Where they Want it

The dynamics of fulfillment are changing. Omni-channel and hyperlocal requirements are driving adaptations in the logistics network. To stay competitive, supply chains are expanding to include micro-fulfillment centers, pop-up DCs, dark stores and fulfillment within the retail store. With a time to value measured in weeks for a pilot site and days for subsequent activations, Blue Yonder’s Adaptive Fulfillment and Warehousing brings a cloud-native, services-based solution designed to meet the unique needs of micro-fulfillment and store fulfillment.

Rapid Configuration, Rapid Time to Value​

Adaptive Fulfillment & Warehousing allows you to activate initial sites in weeks, with subsequent site activations in days.

Blue Yonder’s Adaptive Fulfillment and Warehousing is a SaaS-native, scalable solution designed to meet the needs for micro-fulfillment, store fulfillment and last mile delivery. Built on decades of WMS and commerce expertise, Adaptive Fulfillment and Warehousing delivers a microservices architecture that allows business to leverage only the services they need.

Adaptive Fulfillment and Warehousing enables paper-based facilities to automate the breadth of the warehouse workflow with real-time feedback for active decision-making. With store fulfillment capabilities, Adaptive Fulfillment and Warehousing allows you to expand the power of your retail store meet evolving consumer expectations.

Utilize a template to upload purchase orders. Receive against purchase orders or ASNs and perform trailer check-in, directed or undirected unload, and directed or undirected receiving. Perform consignee cross docking.
Full, real-time visibility of products and attributes from receipt to shipment including details such as LPN and location along with lot, expiration date and inventory status.

Includes mobile counting for either blind or audit counts. Detailed reporting on inbound, inventory and outbound activities for improved decision making.
Allocation rules and sequencing for stock rotation rules such as FEFO, FIFO, LEFO, LIFO. Replenishment capabilities to refill forward pick locations.

Directed and undirected picking with logical tour building for efficiency. Creation of an outbound load/order through interface or template upload. Packing with the ability to change container size and track carton weight, along with integration to parcel and last mile providers for final delivery confirmation.
Omni-channel options from stores, such as store pickup, buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS), drive thru, curbside, and same day with flexible store picking options (single, batch, zone), carrier assignment, manifesting and return to stock.

Effectively pick, pack, and fulfill orders through intuitive workflows. Actionable dashboards provide complete visibility of all store micro-fulfillment activities


Improve Customer Service Levels

Broad end-to-end fulfillment capabilities and integration with parcel and last-mile delivery providers.

Realize Faster Time to Value

Configuration and adjustment of the system by business users with minimal consulting, resulting in far shorter implementation time than traditional warehouse management systems.

Increase Real-time Inventory Accuracy

Full visibility of products and attributes and report from receipt to shipment.

Rapidly Adapt to Changing Demand

Activation and configuration of a pilot site in weeks with subsequent activations in days.

The Power of Microservices


Adaptive Fulfillment and Warehousing delivers foundational warehouse management capabilities to drive efficient micro-fulfillment operations.

  • Flexible, auditable receiving from vendors or regional distribution centers
  • Mobile Directed Workflows
  • Configurable outbound processing

Store Fulfillment

Store Fulfillment services streamlines store fulfillment process to better meet customer needs.

  • Manage backroom inventory, with receiving and putaway of product as it arrives
  • Fulfill orders from the backroom or retail floor
  • Guided activities through a configurable mobile interface

Achieve your Warehouse and Store Fulfillment Potential with Blue Yonder​

Optimized customer service

Support multiple pick methods for travel time reduction and pick efficiency.

Maximized control and visibility

Gain end-to-end control and visibility with improved management of inventory, quality, date/lot, and assets.

Optimized receipt processing and storage

Cross dock to identify opportunities and critical loads with priority inventory.

Improved inbound and outbound processing

Gain shipment visibility to ensure accuracy, timeliness, efficiency and compliance

Optimized operation efficiency

Digitize distribution centers and stores and optimize operation steps to ensure accuracy, efficiency, compliance and service.

Streamlined processes

Manage all aspects of the fulfillment process from receipt to shipment with full visibility for enhanced decision making.

Efficient store operations

Leverage stores for in-store fulfillment while optimizing the process of receiving, prioritizing, picking, packing and delivering consumer orders to drive labor efficiencies, improve fill rates, and improve customer satisfaction.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Enable shoppers to get accurate and on-time curbside, BOPIS, ship from/to store, and same-day delivery/ last mile delivery while driving fulfillment efficiencies.

Improve P&L

Support fulfillment while reducing the cost to serve

Improved speed and convenience options

Enable delivery options to support changing customer demand.

Reliable, repeatable fulfillment execution

Clear directions through the fulfillment process ensure consistency, predictability and scalability.

High customer satisfaction

Delivering the product purchased to the customer where they want it and when they want it.

Reduced IT costs

Enable delivery options to support changing customer demand.

Scalability and Flexibility

Clear directions through the fulfillment process ensure consistency and predictability.

Rapid time to value

Delivering the product purchased to the customer where they want it and when they want it.

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