Cognitive Merchandise Financial Planning

Change the way you make planning decisions with AI-driven capabilities that supercharge merchandising.

Competition is expanding, and inventory lifecycles are becoming shorter. Planning can no longer be conducted in silos constrained by artificial “seasonal” time frames and rigid hierarchies. With Blue Yonder’s merchandise financial planning, companies can easily tie enterprise-wide strategic plans though AI infused scenario planning to the execution of shared goals, establishing consumer-centric, omnichannel financial guidelines to manage inventory profitability and productivity. 


Up to


Of planning time automated

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Increased store sales
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Reduced inventory level 

Cognitive Merchandise Financial Planning

Leverage consumer-centric, omnichannel financial guidelines to profitably manage inventory and productivity.

Combine data science and machine learning to predict customer demand, seasonality and non-linear trends at a granular level across channels and stores.  

Reduce waste with granular planning accuracy and optimize markdowns with machine learning to maximize revenue. 

Plan the relevant measures to drive each channel's business, maintain a common inventory pool across channels and gain a holistic view of the organization.

Elevate long-range strategic plans by incorporating real estate plans and product strategies to evaluate business growth and opportunities.

Fulfill Your Planning Potential with Blue Yonder

Improved forecasting

Increase sales and reduce mark-downs and network inventory with AI-driven forecasts across categories and segments.

Optimized calculations

Dynamically calculate volume of inventory that can be purchased at any one time based on network capacity and planned sell through, while accounting for markdowns.

Higher Productivity

Dramatically transform how planners approach their role, shifting from manual reconciliation to AI-infused scenario planning.

Increased margins

Increase revenue and reduce waste through improved forecasting and reduce fulfillment costs by aligning fulfillment and inventory in advance.

Improved cash flow

Improve fill rates, lower costs associated with non-compliance to OTIF targets and reduce investment in working capital due to more accurate forecasts.

Unified solution

Flexible, scalable, and integrated solution provides the visibility and control retailers need to leverage each opportunity that comes their way.

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