Journey to the Cloud

Today’s digital economy waits for no one. SaaS solutions enabling AI and ML capabilities fuel this digitalization meaning the next can be yours now. Take control of your future with our Journey to the Cloud program. We’ll help you build your end-to-end cloud strategy to integrate, orchestrate and execute to deliver differentiated experiences. 

Digital Transformation: 
Becoming an Autonomous Enterprise

Tomorrow’s supply chains must be connected, enabled by a core cloud-based central platform to integrate, orchestrate and execute actions. With our Journey to the Cloud Program, we can get you to cloud native operations—cost effectively and quickly. Get the keys to your transformation to an autonomous enterprise and discover how you can stay ahead of today’s supply chain complexities. 

Journey to the Cloud Programs


Migrate your applications, data, customizations and integrations to the cloud.


Add capabilities that provide and modernize your supply chain footprint


Completely transform your brand experiences with all cloud-native solutions.

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Our Differentiators


users worldwide


AI transactions per month


average uptime


total load combinations

Why migrate to Blue Yonder Cloud?

Faster migration and up to 20% faster implementation​

Dynamic scale and performance to meet your business needs​

Increase speed and agility with AI/ML-enabled technology to help predict, prevent, resolve 

Complete ownership of “lift and shift” to the cloud with no risk

Significantly reduced risk in terms of business continuity due to familiarity with the tool

Blue Yonder SaaS Ops provides the expertise and infrastructure needed to scale your business

Reinvest savings to strategic business initiatives

Leader in end-to-end supply chain solutions (Gartner MQ)

Leading provider of AI/ML capabilities​

Integrated end-to-end solutions for your business

Value Accelerators 

Rapid Detection

Extensive monitoring to enable rapid detection and resolution of issues

Less Downtime

Blue Yonder knowledge gained at many customers: Find once + fix everywhere = less downtime

Proactive Scale-up

Proactive scale-up of instances during business-critical periods

Multinational Operations

Global reach of public cloud backbone and Blue Yonder data centers enables multinational operations

Continuous Integration and Delivery 

Direct connection to Blue Yonder development through the Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline

Instances Kept Current

Customer instances kept current removing customer upgrade burden

Reimagined User Experiences

UX configurability, personalization
and collaborative scenarios power the next-gen situation room

Focus on Your Business

You focus on running your business; we focus on software operations

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