Logistics Network

Logistics through innovation, collaboration and a connected ecosystem

For businesses like yours, external supply chain execution convergence is more critical than ever, with logistics playing a central role. Discover the power of Blue Yonder’s logistics network, a digitally enabled ecosystem that connects small and large organizations across your entire supply chain. The logistics network enables a market driven approach to consumption and provision of logistics services by offering critical supply chain information in a timely and transparent manner, as well as enabling a high level of supply chain resiliency


With Blue Yonder, you can achieve up to:


Capacity Improvement 


Elimination of Manual Tasks


Reduced Transportation Costs

Logistics Network

Access a reliable, always-on, multi-channel ecosystem with expanded carrier connectivity, dynamic capacity and pricing.
Collaborate globally with carriers to reduce transport costs with a unified system that allows you to manage bid engagements.

Experience integrated, seamless shipper access to real-time pricing and capacity requests.

Gain access to and seamlessly onboard an extended ecosystem of shippers and carriers through out of the box API's.

Fulfill your Network Potential with Blue Yonder

Optimized carrier decisions based on performance

Consider performance when making carrier award decisions.

Improved procurement bid

Manage historical transactions from TMS into current annual procurement bid.

Unified carrier management

Track and manage carrier relationships to ensure procurement to execution is seamless.

Improved TCO

Drive profits by eliminating empty miles and maximizing asset utilization through a connected carrier network.

Capacity improvement

Access a larger, more flexible pool of capacity through a digitally connected ecosystem of carrier partners.

Freight cost optimization

Improve shipper-carrier collaboration and provide access to real-time price quotes to reduce freight costs.

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