Labor Management

Empower your most valuable asset: your people

Advancements in warehouse automation, robotics and the Internet of Things won’t eliminate people from your operations. Your workforce offers the greatest potential to enhance your organization’s overall performance. Unlock that potential with labor management which drives employee engagement and performance to enhance business results. Define best practices and performance expectations, track warehouse activities to enhance employee accountability, and empower supervisors to effectively mentor their teams.


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Increased Employee Engagement
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Increased Utilization
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Decreased Labor Expense

Labor Management

Accurately forecast long-term workforce requirements based on both historical data and work content.

Understand performance, efficiency, and overall productivity and utilize information to drive actions and enable change.

Drive actions and enable change by gaining a better understanding of performance, efficiency and overall productivity.

Fulfill Your Labor Potential with Blue Yonder

Maximized workforce potential

Understand “above-and-beyond” performances and reward and motivate employees accordingly.

Improved planner productivity

Gain real-time visibility into current workloads, tasks completed and employee downtime.

Automated labor management

Experience continuous improvement with trend analysis, real-time monitoring and report cards.

Improved employee retention

Improve morale and reduce turnover through employee incentive programs, accurate planning and scheduling.

Improved employee engagement

Boost productivity with role-based user experiences and mobile enabled UIs.

Lower TCO

Utilize cloud based deployment options for lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and speed to value.

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