Robotics Hub

Reduce costs and improve time to value

To combat e-commerce proliferation, a shrinking labor market and high throughput fulfillment requirements, many organizations like yours are investing in automation technologies for their warehouses, including robots, AMRs and AGVs. But onboarding this type of automation can be complicated – and expensive. Discover a better way with Blue Yonder’s robotics hub, a SaaS-native application that enables accelerated onboarding of multiple robotics vendors in your warehouse and a single operations dashboard, improving visibility across automation solutions.



Reduced Vendor Onboarding Time


Reduced Implementation Costs


Increased Productivity

Robotics Hub

Remove proprietary dependence on a robotics solution with the ability to integrate with multiple WMS vendors and instances across facilities.

Drive warehouse automation through faster on-boarding and simplify integration with warehouse robots.

Leverage a single, shared dashboard for robotics across your warehouse including status and real-time order updates.

Fulfill your Warehouse Automation Potential with Blue Yonder

Centralized intelligence

Gain valuable insights through a centralized, intuitive, real-time dashboard that operates across robotics and manual operations.

Proactive exception handling

Improve visibility and enable proactive responses to exceptions with alerts and error handling.

Dynamic workflows

Use a single integrated solution for outbound order fulfillment and replenishment workflows.

Accelerated onboarding

Gain time-to-value by accelerating the onboarding process of robotic solutions through extensible APIs.

Flexible vendor selection

Increase flexibility by choosing vendors that fit best with your operation.

Increased warehouse efficiency

Improve efficiency with out of the box AI and ML capabilities.

Winner of the 2021 AI Breakthrough Award for Robotics Hub

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