Inventory & Order Management

Scaling today's retail demands with unpredictable changes requires
personalized, predictive and unified e-commerce experiences.

Loyalty in today’s retail world starts with personalized shopping experiences that deliver the right product, through the right channel, with the speed and convenience that consumers expect. From click-to-collect, get real-time visibility and actionable insights to source, promise, and fulfill orders all while delivering a personalized shopping experience to your end consumers. In a world of constantly changing paradigms, gain a competitive edge with unified omni-channel experiences.

Blue Yonder Accelerates e-Commerce ​

Blue Yonder reimagines customer experiences. Luminate Commerce powers an efficient, new e-commerce journey that incentivizes customers to purchase while decreases abandonment rates. Reward the emotional investment of online shoppers the way traditional shopping experiences do by telling a customer how, when, and where they’ll have their order.






Real-time Inventory Availability

Make real-time sourcing and order-promising decisions based on inventory availability across your locations. Show accurate in-stock/out-of-stock, shop my local store, and urgency messaging to engage customers and increase conversion rates.

Omni-channel Fulfillment

Deliver the right product, at the right time, to your customers’ channel of choice. Utilize optimization intelligence to profitably fulfill customer orders from a store, micro fulfillment center, dark store, or distribution center based on cost, product selection, distance, and more.

Personalized Consumer Experiences

Enable personalized “click-to-collect” e-commerce experiences with real-time inventory availability and omni-channel fulfillment and optimization that increase conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiencies to drive eCommerce growth across your business.

Inventory & Order Management

Enable customers to locate and reserve products for purchase with a single view of inventory availability, at a location and enterprise level.

Deliver the right product, at the right time, through the right channel with the speed and convenience at the heart of the engagement.

Optimize the cost to fulfill based on location, cost of merchandise, product selection, profitability, transportation and supply chain costs.

Deliver personalized experiences from the start of the shopping journey based on customer preferences.

Fulfill Your Commerce Potential with Blue Yonder

Improved customer experience (CX) 

Provide personalized shopping experiences that engage customers from the beginning of the shopping journey to increase conversion rates. 

Digital transformation

Integrate online shopping with in-store experiences for a seamless shopping journey that engages customers regardless of how they shop.

Improved speed and convenience options 

Give customers the ability to get the right product, at the right time, through their channel of choice (ship to home, BOPIS, curbside, std shipping) while optimizing for costs.

Improved customer experience

Utilize the latest technologies and customer facing features to stay relevant as consumer expectations change.

Faster integration

Surgically implement API-based microservices into existing solutions vs. rip and replace.

Operational excellence

Meet peak demands with a solution that is highly scalable, highly performant and self-optimizing with data science.

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