Control Tower

Leverage machine learning to resolve supply chain disruptions utilizing network-wide visibility, collaboration and orchestration

To stay ahead of today’s supply chain complexities, you need to manage what you don't see, plan for what you don't know, prioritize unlimited options, and execute to align for success. Luminate™ Control Tower gives you insights to discover, interpret, and act on real-time information from the entire digital ecosystem, including third-party data sources. Machine learning (ML) empowers prescriptive resolutions to supply chain challenges, taking prioritization and impact analysis into account.

Features & Benefits

Up to


Reduced Expediting Expenses
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Increased Planning Efficiency
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Reduced Inventory Investment

Luminate Control Tower

Gain real-time visibility across supply chain partners, including suppliers, contract manufacturers, transportation carrier and third-party logistics.

Resolve exceptions within the execution window based on ML powered recommendations.

Collaborate and make decisions in real time with internal and external stakeholders on business processes and to resolve exceptions.

Leverage machine learning to surface recommended actions, weighing impacts and prioritization with what-if scenarios.

Fulfill Your Visibility Potential with Blue Yonder

End-to-end visibility

Visualize the entire flow of goods upstream and downstream with one version of the truth.

Predict overstock

With insight into when inventory will expire, predict overstocks to reduce Inventory and increase service levels for higher operational efficiency.

Improved planner efficiency

Leverage automation and predictive decision-making to decrease manual interventions and quicker task completion.

Revenue lift

Increase topline sales through faster reaction to market trends and power sales growth by having the right amount of products available to satisfy consumer demand.

Improved margin rates

Improve product mix to drive margins and preserve gross margin rates by reducing the need for clearance markdowns.

Cost Savings

Optimize inventory positions and improve inventory visibility to reduce logistics expenses.


Enable more accurate, profitable business decisions

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Internet of Things

Harness the power of the edge

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Easily connect data within and beyond your enterprise

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Analytics & Insights

Improve strategic insight to guide the enterprise

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Data Management

Unify vast sources of data into a single model

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Workflow & Orchestration

Streamline and guide roles and processes across the enterprise

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User Experience

Consistent and compelling user experience across the enterprise

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