Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Empower your decisions and actions with powerful insights from your deep volumes of data

Now you can translate real-time data into faster, smarter, more profitable business decisions. With access to the power of artificial intelligence (AI), you can focus on the real exceptions in your supply chain. Our platform leverages industry-leading AI and machine learning (ML) to see deviations automatically and identify risks early. This combination gives you complete supply chain visibility and precise recommendations that enable more accurate decisions.

Extending Business Value and Impact with Blue Yonder AI

Blue Yonder AI and ML help turn the vision of a truly autonomous supply chain into a reality. Uncovering patterns and insights from real-time data empowers disruption prediction and automatic course-correction, enabling you to make the most proactive business decisions.

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Good AI vs Bad AI Video

How can you differentiate between “good” AI and “bad” AI when evaluating what’s powering your organization’s supply chain? This short animation cuts through the hype...

Good AI and Bad AI in Retail

The ability to utilize AI is becoming a key skill in retail. This webinar will demystify the technology and explain how and why AI can accelerate organizational and personal ambitions.

The Definitive Buyer's Guide to Delivering AI/ML Autonomous Retail and Supply Chain

This buyer’s guide explores how to find the right technologies to achieve an autonomous supply chain and the questions to identify the right partner.

Good AI vs Bad AI

How can you differentiate between “good” AI and “bad” AI? In this blog, we’ll share a pragmatic five-stage process called IDEAS for evaluating whether an AI solution is “good” or “bad”.

Real Results: Customer Use Cases

Single Source of Truth for Shoppers

Increased Revenues with Blue Yonder’s Inventory Availability and Omni-channel Fulfillment Microservices

“With Blue Yonder’s inventory availability and omni-channel fulfillment microservices, Petco is able to provide customers with the option to view available inventory online, purchase products from nearby stores and pick them up that same day. Having a ‘single source of truth’ for our shoppers quickly drove a greater than 5% increase in online revenue and the number of net new customers.”

Chief Information Officer, Petco

Improve Efficiency & Reduce Waste

Right Products at the Right Place with Blue Yonder’s Forecasting and Replenishment

“The system is capital light, utilizing cloud technology and store specific historic sales data to forecast stock requirements. It is reducing costs and stock levels, while also saving time for colleagues and providing a better offer for customers.​”

CEO, Morrisons​

Predictive, Unified Planning

Increased Profitability via Blue Yonder’s Dynamic Segmentation

"Dynamic segmentation is a cornerstone of M&M’s spare parts strategy, integrating demand, inventory and replenishment within a unified planning framework. This has lead to increased profitability in a complex marketplace."

Head of Demand and Supply Planning, Spares Business Unit, Mahindra & Mahindra

Control Tower

Real-time visibility and orchestration across your supply chain

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Easily connect data within and beyond your enterprise

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Internet of Things

Harness the power of the edge

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Analytics & Insights

Improve strategic insight to guide the enterprise

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Data Management

Unify vast sources of data into a single model

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User Experience

Consistent and compelling user experience across the enterprise

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Workflow & Orchestration

Streamline and guide roles and processes across the enterprise

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Luminate Platform

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