Supply Chain Ecosystem

Today’s customer experience is increasingly a supply chain experience. This means bringing together end- to-end systems that begin with the very start of the shoppers’ journey and then organizing the entire supply chain around their preferences and choices.

Features & Benefits

Single Source of Truth

For Application, Machine Learning and Analytics, and APIs.

Single Data Model

For all supply chain-related data, enriched with 3rd party data services, and IoT.

Extend and Integrate

Extend workflows and apps extensible to other applications via rich APIs, ERP, CRM, third-party extensions and more.

Maximize Connectivity and Data

Leverage real-time, internal and external sources of data to build the most complete picture of your supply chain environment.

Featured Use Cases

​Orchestrating Data Driven Experiences

The new normal requires an approach to technology that is as much about connectedness, openness and value-enhancing as it is about serving customers better, faster and easier. 

​Precision and Accuracy

As we automate and analyze everything, precision and accuracy become imperatives. Platforms provide rich pools of clean, uniform data integrated with AI and ML that acts as a single source of truth.

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