Maintain the Momentum

Blue Yonder Expansion Services

Completing a successful business transformation means positioning for future change. It’s critical to keep taking the pulse of your supply chain and make ongoing enhancements. Let us support you in achieving results sooner with ongoing post-implementation involvement. Blue Yonder Professional Services provides dedicated resources and supply chain expertise to maintain momentum long after the go-live date.

Data Science and Analytics

Uncover hidden costs, production inefficiencies and unmet customer needs that are holding your organization back from realizing its true potential with our Data Science and Analytics team. Connected supply chains generate huge volumes of data, every second of the day. The Blue Yonder Professional Services team starts by looking at performance metrics that have a significant impact on your top-level strategy. These insights expose where performance shortfalls originate and uncover root causes of limitations. Blue Yonder consultants can create an early warning system that flags any potential problems before they occur.

Strategic Impact Assessment

True supply chain excellence and market dominance call for ongoing improvement. The Strategic Impact Assessment takes an objective, thoughtful look at your achievements and how to push them further. Blue Yonder can provide the needed hours and hands-on experience to track and improve supply chain results. Blue Yonder consultants set the bar high in assessing implementation results – knowing exactly how success looks for your organization.

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