Warehouse Tasking

Optimize your warehouse operations in real-time

Operational difficulties can cause delays across the supply chain. With warehouse tasking, uncover these difficulties and achieve the highest level of efficiency for your single-task operations with data-driven precision. Warehouse tasking leverages machine learning (ML) to unlock opportunities for greater efficiency and cost savings. Tasks are assigned based on the parameters you define, while the engine tracks task-related shift lengths, and times the position of resources in near real-time. 


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Increased Units Per Hour
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Improved Case Pick Productivity
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Reduced Administration Costs

Warehouse Tasking

Blue Yonder Luminate Warehouse Tasking Screenshot

Assign tasks based on the parameters you define, while the engine tracks task-related shift lengths and times the position of labor resources in near real-time.
Blue Yonder Luminate Warehouse Tasking Screenshot

Integrate to any distributed order management or WMS to enable rapid response from DCs and hubs.
Blue Yonder Luminate Warehouse Tasking Screenshot

Gain visibility into the resource schedule and work currently in the WMS work queue. Use analytical tools to define the right parameters for maximum efficiency.
Blue Yonder Luminate Warehouse Tasking Screenshot

Synchronize task chaining to allow for accelerated workflow and throughput between resources.

Fulfill Your Tasking Potential with Blue Yonder

Improved task prioritization

Assign tasks based on parameters you define. Track task-related shift lengths and labor resource positioning in real time.

Enhanced visibility

Attain high-level operational views down to individual tasks as well as lagging and leading views.

On-time delivery

Deliver on time and in full with smart appointment scheduling, dock scheduling, and yard management capabilities.

Reduced labor costs

Reduce administrative overhead by eliminating manual task manipulation and enabling focus on value-added activities.

Improved priority performance

Perform escalation or de-escalation of tasks based on multiple factors including carrier appointment times.

Accelerated productivity

Achieve efficiency gains and better resource utilization through enhanced workforce visibility.

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