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Sales & Operations Planning

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Build an operating plan that is approved by executives and has buy-in from every department by implementing a consensus-driven S&OP process that helps reconcile different perspectives.

Bridge conventional time and organizational silos to close gaps between demand and supply planning.
Sales & Operations Planning Screenshot

Support distinct enterprise processes and associated scenario planning with a closed-loop process.

Create demand scenarios to quickly analyze supply chain constraints and contending demands.

Gain an integrated business view of demand, supply, financial and NPI data, by constructing a configurable product hierarchy and attributes schemata.

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Mature S&OP process

Continuously improve S&OP processes by moving toward an advanced Integrated Business Planning (IBP) paradigm. 

Optimized decision making

Develop a digital twin capable of taking real-time inputs to run scenarios that accurately mirror the performance of the network for more accurate decision making.

Improved business alignment

Cascade S&OP/IBP outputs across the supply chain to ensure strategic alignment and outcome-oriented decision making.

Strategic conformance to business plan

Implement systems that drive long term alignment to strategic goals. 

Profitable decision making

Respond pro-actively, capitalize on opportunities, and manage disruptions in line with business goals.

Financial plan support

Ensure planning and re-alignment drive toward revenue and margin targets while optimizing free cash flow.

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