Delivering the industry’s only edge-powered autonomous supply chains

Digitization has yielded insights for manufacturers and retailers to be more responsive to demand surges. To keep pace, supply chains must now become living, fluid ecosystems coordinated by central platforms. Synchronize solutions across planning, execution, labor, e-commerce and delivery to optimize your end-to-end business and workforce seamlessly with Luminate® Platform. Leverage industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, workflow-driven user experiences and real-time connections to help you better predict, prevent and resolve disruptions across your entire business.



Leverage the most powerful supply chain ecosystem with continuous access to market-leading, domain-enriched apps.


Deliver at scale, speed and efficiency with AI/ML driven analytics for greater visibility and faster decision making.


Flexibility to extend, customize, and innovate with agility through domain enriched UI component library, microservices and APIs.


Uncover a single source of truth from planning through execution connecting your business from end-to-end.

Built on Three Guiding Principles

Find out how Luminate Platform can prepare the world’s supply chains for that future by leveraging advanced AI to identify disruptions at the earliest opportunity, create a collaborative response and immediately bring the E2E supply chain back on course.

Transform Your Business with Luminate Platform


Fulfill Your Potential with Luminate Platform


As organizations invest to create competitive differentiation in a market that demands flexible, agile, and resolution solutions, enterprises are looking to their builders - developers - to help them solve the tough problems. 業界のベストプラクティスや信頼性の高いROIを提供し、組織の将来性を支援する、比類のないプラットフォームであるLuminate Platformをベースにした構築方法をご覧ください。
  • No code mobile studio
  • Workflow orchestration
  • User experience personalization
  • Microservice configuration


AIと機械学習のアルゴリズムを活用して、真の自律型サプライチェーンのビジョンを実現します。リアルタイムのデータからパターンとインサイトを明らかにすることで、混乱の予測と自動的な軌道修正が可能になり、最もプロアクティブなビジネス上の意思決定を行うことができるようになります。Data Scientists can engage with Blue Yonder via:
  • Proven Blue Yonder algorithms
  • Extracting clean data from the Platform to create their own algorithms


デジタルプラットフォームの台頭は、企業内だけでなく、拡張された社外ネットワークとのさらなるコラボレーションも可能にします。Blue Yonderは、パートナーのアプリケーション、インテグレーション、ソリューションによって優れた成果を挙げるクラス最高のネットワークを構築しています。

  • Network to elevate your total customer experience and deliver exceptional results
  • Easily browse applications, integrations and solutions from our partners

Empowering the World's Most Powerful Companies

$170M in Shipped Value in 7 Months

Learn how SaaS at scale is delivering big value in the hypergrowth cannabis industry for HERBL.

Increased End-to-End Visibility to Sense Disruptions

Learn how Electrolux is using Luminate Control Tower to be more responsive and proactive, delivering better customer service.


Learn how Wesco deployed critical supply chain solutions quickly and cost effectively.



世界で最も強力な開発者プラットフォームを使用して、サプライチェーンの近代化とデジタル化を実現し、企業の可能性を広げます。Luminate Platformがお客様の組織にもたらすメリットをご覧ください!