Announcing the Inaugural ICONic Customer Awards

 Blue Yonder’s ICONic Customer Awards honor the achievers, innovators, and leaders who have made an impact in their organization through exceptional usage of Blue Yonder’s solutions. They have leveraged our solutions to deliver differentiated customer experiences, reduce costs, improve forecast accuracy, manage labor shortages, drive sustainability, and so much more.

Retail Renaissance

This award celebrates retailers who have best leveraged Blue Yonder solutions to drive the future of retail and meet the changing demands of their customers. These organizations have embraced the power of technology to transform their retail operations, resulting in improved efficiency, customer centricity, and profitability.

Connected Commerce Champion

This award honors digital leaders driving connected, customer-centric commerce experiences. These organizations are transforming their customer buying experience from browse to order to fulfillment – delivering faster speed and greater convenience to meet ever-changing customer needs and gain a competitive edge. This award celebrates those who create truly integrated, data-driven operations to deliver greater customer experiences, gain competitive edge, and improve profitability.

Supply Chain Resiliency

This award recognizes companies who have demonstrated resiliency through digital planning to solve the hardest problems and uncover the most opportunity. Share how you leveraged Blue Yonder’s end-to-end solutions to predict and pivot your supply chain planning capabilities in order to deliver on your promise to partners, suppliers, and – ultimately – customers.

Execution Innovator

This award honors the best use of innovation and Blue Yonder technology to drive autonomous, sustainable, and predictive logistics solutions. These nominees are focused on next-generation ideas that transform the future of how we optimize the flow of goods around the globe and react to real-time changes in the most efficient manner across first, middle and last mile.


This award recognizes customers who are leading the charge towards a more sustainable future! These customers have woven sustainability into their operations using Blue Yonder’s solutions to drive sustainable practices throughout their supply chain, resulting in reduced waste, improved energy efficiency, and a positive impact on the environment. Their commitment to sustainability sets a high bar for the industry and serves as an inspiration for others.

Leadership Impact

This award recognizes visionary leaders that power supply chain transformations! It takes more than great software to achieve your goals – ultimately it is the shared purpose, passion, dedication, and collaboration of great humans that make transformation dreams a reality. This is an individual award that highlights someone who has demonstrated exceptional leadership to drive material change in their organization leveraging Blue Yonder’s solutions.

Digital Disruptor

This award honors customers who are pushing boundaries and driving change across their organization! Using Blue Yonder’s solutions, this customer has achieved end-to-end transformation and digital disruption. As a result, they are driving quantifiable impact, challenging traditional norms, and creating new and innovative ways of doing business that better meet the needs of their customers and business.

Community Hero

This award honors a Blue Yonder customer who has positively engaged with Blue Yonder via the Special Interest Groups (SIGs), providing guidance to their peers on how to best utilize their solutions.