Edge Technology Solutions

Edge solutions are focused on end-to-end automation that increase the value of your supply chain platform, enable productivity & help solve your companies biggest labor challenges. Every day our Edge team partners with leading automation providers to fill the gap where software stops, and automation begins. The team of experts know what products work and how to integrate these products to Blue Yonder’s suite of solutions that will help drive the highest value.
Labor continues to be the biggest challenge in the warehouse. Utilizing an automation solution like robotics can help improve your warehouse operation's speed, efficiency, and effectiveness. Blue Yonder Edge partners with leading robotics vendors that directly link their solutions to Blue Yonder’s WMS – to help move product and pallets throughout the warehouse alongside workers. With a quick ROI - Warehouses that are not automating today are being left behind in productivity, speed and meeting customer expectations.
Allowing cameras into the warehouse or yard space can help better visualize, add accountability and manage your day-to-day operations. You receive real time data that can help you make the highest value add decisions. Your inventory is better tracked from the dock door to the warehouse shelf, thus increasing accuracy throughout its supply chain journey.
Mobile devices linked to BY WMS allow the warehouse to locate inventory, pick inventory when it is needed, and conduct cycle counts. Devices with mobile computing allow warehouse workers even more visibility of their inventory right at their fingertips. Mobility also includes voice solutions that allow your floor workers to operate more efficiently in a hands-free environment – keeping their eyes alert for an ever changing fast paced operation.
Edge partners with cutting edge technology vendors that introduce improved visibility in a new way for your space. Immerse yourself in a 3D or digital twin environment of your business to help enhance operational flow and layouts. This ensures that you are utilizing your spaces to achieve the highest value.

Edge Product Portfolio

Using cameras to enhance the operations in facilities

Using devices to enhance inventory visibility

A unique lens into your space

Improve accuracy of warehouse labels & tags 

Devices to manage employee workflows
Mobile and hardware devices to help business run more efficiently
Hands-free solution for a more efficient workforce
Solutions to help when workforce is faced with limitations



Reduced Training Hours With Voice & Robotics


Increased Productivity With RFID, Vision & Voice


Avoided Overtime Spend Through Automation


Improved Accuracy With Voice

Trusted Advisors

White Glove Experience

Removes the stress of having to manage your devices

Qualified Experts

25+ Years Industry Experience

Technical Support

Worldwide helpdesk with 24/7/365 availability

End-to-End Support

Improve time to resolve issues. Edge team takes responsibility for hardware.

Deployment Experts

Support includes both hardware and software. This is at team that knows how to deploy hardware solutions.

Strong Partnerships

Accurate quotes, on-time delivery, on-site configuration & technical support / first-line support

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