We Believe Supply Chains Can Save the World

Yesterday’s supply chains may have contributed to the current climate crisis, but we believe today’s artificial intelligence-powered supply chains can save the world. When AI is woven into the fabric of supply chains, everybody wins. Robust AI-powered supply chain solutions help manufacturers, logistics providers and retailers cut costs and increase productivity — all while reducing their carbon footprint.

State of Supply Chain Sustainability Report

We’ve teamed up with the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics and CSCMP to co-sponsor their annual report to help companies understand the importance of sustainability.

Blue Yonder Enables End-to-End Sustainability

Blue Yonder enables customers to reach end-to-end sustainability. Our AI-powered solutions impact every node along the supply chain — from the manufacturer all the way to the customer’s hands — helping everyone achieve their sustainability goals. 

3 Ways to Drive Sustainability in Transportation

Transportation is one of the biggest contributing factors to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and virtually every country is now mandating stricter regulations to reduce their carbon footprint and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Survey

Eighty-eight percent of businesses faced disruption over the last year. Discover more by reading the results from Blue Yonder's most recent Supply Chain & Logistics Executive Survey
White paper

Being Green by Going Blue

More and more, business, government and consumer concern about environmental and sustainability issues are shaping key decisions around supply chain management.

Delivering a Fresh, Sustainable Grocery Experience

Delivering a fresh experience in grocery is dependent on multiple supply chains, each with their unique challenges. Learn about these challenges and solutions to them in this infographic.

2023 Consumer Sustainability Survey

To better understand the consumer perspective, Blue Yonder surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. consumers on their sustainable shopping opinions and behaviors.


The decarbonization of society is a major strategic direction, and Panasonic's GREEN IMPACT includes working toward the creation and more efficient utilization of energy.
Customer story

Reducing Environmental Impact by Optimizing Your Transportation

Hear how Blue Yonder’s Transportation Management System (TMS) enables Outokumpu’s vision to be customers’ first choice in sustainable stainless steel.

Our Partnership with Microsoft Cloud

Sustainable business practices are quickly becoming a top priority for organizations around the world. Whether you’re motivated by environmental, economic or existential factors, Blue Yonder’s Luminate® solutions powered by Microsoft Cloud can accelerate your sustainability journey.

Blue Yonder's ESG Commitment

Blue Yonder is committed to environmental responsibility by developing solutions that help our customers meet their sustainability goals. As an organization, we conduct business responsibly and proactively to reduce our environmental impact.

Green Awards and Certifications

2023 Bronze EcoVadis CSR Rating

Blue Yonder has been awarded a Bronze medal as a recognition of their EcoVadis CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rating

LEED Gold Award

Blue Yonder's Hyderabad office are certified LEED Gold

Join Our Journey to Sustainability

Companies around the world are on a mission to reach net-zero carbon emissions across their operations, and Blue Yonder is ready to help achieve this vision.
Blue Yonder’s solutions — such as Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, and Luminate Control Tower — provide customers with a unified view of events across the supply chain and enable them to prioritize execution by balancing service level and cost.