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With new realities during COVID-19, developers are key to embedding fresh ways of thinking for a transparent and responsive supply chain. Get ready to move beyond code to building solutions that unlock business value faster.

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Join the innovation journey and tap into our 35+ years domain


Go beyond screens and join highly skilled SMEs and developers


Grow and gain new technical and user experience skills 


Early access to APIs and libraries


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Use Cases

Build with Luminate Platform

Services-based architecture to consume and analyze datasets to detect previously unseen insights
Seamless cross-functional flows across different systems with pre-packaged integration 
Integrate across our planning and execution processes using APIs
Intelligently identify productivity and efficiency solutions within the supply chain model
Propel business outcomes with our purpose-built, finely tuned algorithms by vertical for specific problems
Tailor-made for specific verticals like manufacturing, retail, and others
Build solutions on top of your system of record
Hyper-scalable services that support ingestion, harvesting, validation and sharing of supply chain digital assets
Build their value-added solutions on top of Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform