Inventory Visibility, 

Today’s consumers expect to see product availability and information on where and when the product is available at the beginning of their buying journey. Discover how Blue Yonder can help you deliver personalized shopping experiences to your customers while managing the customer expectations for real-time inventory visibility.

Understanding Your Needs

The need for inventory visibility transcends across retailers, grocers, manufacturers, and other industries.  With the rise of multiple selling channels (in-store, online, social, marketplaces) having a single source of truth for enterprise-wide availability is necessary to support consumers regardless of how they shop.

Benefits & Key Capabilities

Inventory Visibility

Increasing inventory visibility, in real-time, during all stages of the buying journey

Inventory Control

Preventing overselling and underselling by exposing the right amount of inventory in each selling channel

Stock Optimization

Optimizing your safety stock to protect against inventory accuracy and volatility

Inventory Reservation

Ensuring product reservations are included within inventory visibility to expose availability
  • Reliable inventory available to consumers at a location and enterprise level, across every channel in real-time.
  • Inventory exposure supports customers along all stages of the buying journey from search to product details pages.
  • Remove discrepancies on product availability by providing an up-to-date view, resulting in improved fill rate.
  • Once an item is added to the cart, product reservations ensure the item is available at purchase or can provide expiration countdowns.
  • Connect inventory from diverse and disparate systems allowing for a more accurate real-time view
  • Increase available to promise to include all sellable units, along with physical and future supply
  • Update inventory availability continuously vs. batch or cached cycles
  • Dynamic safety stock and protection levers maximize inventory exposure and deliver inventory promises.
  • Accurate product quantity data minimizes shopping cart abandonment rates, leading to increased revenue.

Our Promise

Blue Yonder helps businesses achieve a holistic view of inventory availability at both the enterprise and local levels to deliver seamless customer experiences. Businesses can share this data with consumers at the beginning of their shopping journey to help guide purchase decisions. With geolocation, customers see what can be ordered. This is particularly important as consumers today expect a blend of physical and digital experiences that work together to deliver speed, convenience, and personalization. They expect digitally transformed businesses that show them in real-time how many items are available and at what location, and allow them to reserve products to purchase. This in turn helps businesses reduce cart abandonment rates, which leads to increased revenue.

The Power of Luminate Commerce

Watch the story of Sheila, who wants to buy yoga pants before her weekend hike. Discover how companies are responding to new customer expectations by providing inventory availability and omni-channel options from the beginning of the shopping journey.


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