BY Live: Supply Chain as a Growing Profit Center

With a softer global economy and inflation likely to continue in 2023, most industries can expect to face financial headwinds this year. In response, organizations are implementing proactive measures to improve both profitability and their cash flow. Supply chains have become a boardroom topic, with a focus on risk resiliency, working capital optimization and portfolio rationalization. Investments in supply chain technologies continue to be a priority to enable and accelerate outcomes. Intercompany and intracompany collaboration are increasing to align and drive consensus across the organization and with trading partners. Thoughtful application of machine learning and artificial intelligence are unleashing long-term value. With all these levers at hand, the CFO is at the forefront of sponsoring supply chain investments for step-change transformation and building a future-proof supply chain. Companies are also structuring supply chain leadership under the CFO to support financially prudent operational improvements, thereby driving both behavior and automation tied to profitable fulfillment and resiliency.