Automated End-to-End Testing That Allows You Keep Up with Change and Integrate with Confidence

This session aims to explore how automated testing can transform your business and help you achieve quality at speed across all your applications, processes, and data everywhere in your organization. We will discuss the key challenges businesses face in achieving this goal and how automated testing can help overcome these challenges. We will also introduce the Blue Yonder Accelerator pack powered by Tricentis TOSCA, which provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services for automated testing. It includes pre-written automated tests for Blue Yonder WMS that drastically reduces test case design time, increases accuracy, and helps minimize the risk of costly defects and failures, giving your operation peace of mind. These tests validate critical warehouse operations like picking, shipping and receiving in Blue Yonder WMS and are ready to be tailored for your specific WMS environment, providing you with a simpler and faster solution to conduct complete regression testing of hot-fixes, patches, mods, and upgrades.