Special Interest Groups

Have your voice heard

Blue Yonder has created more than 35 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that regularly bring Blue Yonder users together to network, share best practices and benefit from lessons learned. By joining a Blue Yonder Special Interest Group (SIG), you can maximize your company's investment in Blue Yonder solutions, collaborate with other supply chain professionals, contribute feedback directly to the product team, and gain first-look insight into Blue Yonder product enhancement plans.

Be Part of the In-Crowd

SIG members are a community. SIGs provide a forum for product users, Blue Yonder product management, and product development to share best practices, information and ideas, product functionality and utilization while also helping to influence product direction and enhancements.  Our community mission is to foster an environment where active participation maximizes your company’s investment in Blue Yonder solutions and enables you to grow both personally and professionally through collaboration with other supply chain professionals.

Have Your Voice Heard

Do you wish Blue Yonder would add a new feature or additional functionality to the software you’re using? SIGs provide a direct line of communication to Blue Yonder’s product team. Not only can you contribute important feedback that influences the future direction of Blue Yonder solutions, but you’ll also gain an insider’s perspective on Blue Yonder’s software development plans. SIG members are often the first to learn of planned solution upgrades and enhancements.

Denise Sabo

Users Group President

Jon Mayes

Users Group Vice President

Paul Longshaw

Users Group Vice President

Eric Liberatore

Users Group Vice President

Jamie Routman

Administrative Director

Is there a SIG for you? The answer is probably yes!

To meet a diverse range of user needs, Blue Yonder has created more than 35 Special Interest Groups. Log in to success.blueyonder.com and join one or more of these SIGs today!

Congratulations to the 2023 Blue Yonder Community MVPs!

About the Program

The Community MVP Program focuses on recognizing the top 1% of our community members for their ongoing leadership, knowledge, engagement, and expertise. The Community MVP status is awarded for a one-year period and can be extended based on the continuous contributions made to the community as an MVP. Nominations will be taken during the once-a-year nomination period and will help select the new class of community MVPs.

Community MVP Attributes

Leaders – has a reputation for being on the leading edge of their industry and encourages others to be solution-oriented and committed

Knowledgeable – maintains a strong understanding of Blue Yonder’s products and shares valuable information within our communities

Engaged – sustains a strong presence in the community by staying active and accessible

Personable – demonstrates an admirable personality and can easily create valuable connections

How MVP nominations work:

Community MVPs are the leaders and voices of our online Community Special Interest Groups that play a key role in advancing the community and MVP Program. For this reason, MVP nominees are carefully selected to ensure they are representative of our core values and are actively engaged within our communities.

The nomination process is as follows:

  1. Nominees are selected and reviewed by our internal team.
  2. Nominators are interviewed to confirm nominees meet MVP criteria.
  3. Nominees are informed of their selection and confirm their enrollment into the next class of Community MVPs.


MVP Rewards:

Through the Community MVP Program, we focus on supporting our MVPs with resources that allow them to continue to develop professionally as industry leaders. These rewards include:

  • Recognition on Success Portal
  • Collect 20 Customer Appreciation Points
  • Participate at a User Group Executive Committee Meeting as a Virtual Attendees