Merchandise Financial Planning

Définissez des objectifs financiers pour l’ensemble des canaux et gérez la rentabilité des stocks et la productivité

La concurrence s’intensifie et les cycles de vie des stocks sont de plus en plus courts. La planification ne peut plus s’effectuer de manière cloisonnée. Elle doit d’affranchir des calendriers. Grâce à la solution Merchandise Financial Management de Blue Yonder, les entreprises peuvent associer leurs plans stratégiques à l’exécution d’objectifs opérationnels communs. Elles déterminent des lignes directrices financières destinées à l’ensemble des canaux afin de gérer la productivité et la rentabilité des stocks. 




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De réduction des niveaux de stocks
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Merchandise Financial Planning

Leverage consumer-centric, omnichannel financial guidelines to profitably manage inventory  and productivity.

Combine data science and  machine learning to predict customer demand, seasonality and non-linear trends at a granular level across channels and stores.  

Reduce waste with granular planning accuracy and optimize markdowns with machine learning to maximize revenue. 

Plan the relevant measures to drive each channel’s business, Plan & maintain common inventory pool across channels, Roll up to gain holistic view of the total organization.

Incorporate real estate plans and product strategies to evaluate business growth and opportunities in terms of long-range Strategic plans for 3 to 5 years terms.

Fulfill Your Planning Potential with Blue Yonder

Granular forecasts

Increase sales and reduce mark-downs and network inventory with highly granular forecasts across categories and segments.

Open to buy calculation

Dynamically calculate volume of inventory that can be purchased at any one time based on network capacity and planned sell through, while accounting for markdowns.

Fast time to value

Deliver faster and higher returns with planning tools that transform process and deliver results in record time by combining powerful data insights with the industry leading analytics.

Increased margins

Increase revenue and reduce waste through improved forecasting and reduce fulfillment costs by aligning fulfillment and inventory in advance.

Improved cash flow

Improve fill rates, lower costs associated with non-compliance to OTIF targets and reduce investment in working capital due to more accurate forecasts.

Unified solution

Flexible, scalable, and integrated solution provides the visibility and control retailers need to leverage each opportunity that comes their way.