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Space & Floor Planning

Enable your floor planners to better manage retail space and receive the best return on your space investment. 

Design planograms and floor plans that meet the local demand with micro space planning and floor planning.

Automate planogram creation to meet the specific space and customer buying patterns in each store.

Identify the optimum allocation of space for each category, specific to each store, ensuring consistent presentation to customers.

Fulfill Your Category Management Potential with Blue Yonder

Deliver consistent store layouts

Empower store employees to easily manage store layouts and more accurately display product assortments.

Increased profitability and growth

Prioritize space to categories that support growth and maximize financial return.

Reduced out of stock situations

Ensure that space is optimized at all levels, so each product has the capacity to meet the peak demand and avoid out of stocks.

Greater scalability

Automate planogram development for greater scalability and easily identify new space opportunities for quick implementation.

Maximized sales, space and inventory ROI

Quickly analyze space at macro, and micro level for profitability, sales, movement, attributes and many other related measures.

 Better alignment to corporate initiatives

Optimize space effectiveness by quickly reviewing a store’s floorplan for productivity and payback, and align category adjacency rules to support corporate initiatives.

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