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Assortment Management

Create a better shopping experience for your customers, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.

Build a localized assortment with machine learning guidance based on customer affinity for products and touchpoints.

Use data science to predict new item ROS (Rate of Sale) for each product and touchpoint by leveraging product attributes, like items, history and seasonality.

Build an assortment framework that considers qualitative and quantitative strategies by incorporating insights and historical data.

Visualize a complete season with holistic view of product offerings. Quantitatively measure at aggregated levels like class or category and reconcile plans.

Fulfill Your Assortment Potential with Blue Yonder

Better assortment frameworks

Leverage multiple data analytics and insights to help guide and build a solid conceptual plan.

Intelligent, localized assortments

Align with customer preferences and receive scoring-based recommendations on store groups for better localization.

Assumption-based planning

Plan proactively using placeholders during early stages of development cycles and easy realization with real items when available.

Improved alignment with financial plans

Gain an aggregated view of assortment plans in a category, align to merchandising and financial objectives and review and provide inputs to merchants.

Single view of assortments

Visualize a complete season with a holistic view of product offerings and quantitatively measure at aggregated levels like class or category.

Integrated planning and execution

Integrate the merchandise financial planning process with the downstream execution systems to provide a streamlined view of commitments.

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