Order Management

Transforming the customer experience from browse to fulfillment

Customer-centric experiences require more intelligence than ever before to engage customers, deliver the right product, through the right channel, with the speed and convenience that consumers expect. As your business grows, you also need to adapt and scale even faster to keep pace, all while delivering a seamless customer experience from engagement to delivery and support. Blue Yonder transforms order management (OMS) with an augmentative, microservices based approach which delivers the rapid time-to-market, scale and performance businesses need from inventory availability, order, orchestration, and fulfillment to help you gain a competitive edge.

Connected Commerce

Providing seamless experiences online and in-stores to deliver the right product, at the right time, through your consumer’s channel of choice.

Bestellungsmanagement | Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder’s order management redefines how commerce happens – delivering meaningful customer experiences and removing lengthy upgrades and technical obstacles that get in the way of business transformation. Our augmentative, domain-centric microservices deliver performance and flexibility, allowing businesses to start with what they need today knowing that they can add capabilities tomorrow. By processing thousands of transactions per second, Blue Yonder delivers the response time, scale and performance so volume no longer becomes a concern. Furthermore, Blue Yonder’s 40+ microservices can operate independently or seamlessly integrate to provide a modular architecture that can deliver results in weeks not years for a faster time to value.

Microservices-Based Applications

Complete Real-time Inventory Visibility Across Your Network

Provide real-time product availability (ATP), from enterprise in-stock/out-of-stock messaging to location and proximity-based availability. Powered by the latest artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), real-time reservations and segmentation, businesses can maximize inventory exposure and deliver accurate promises without risk of disappointing customers or overselling.

Optimize Delivery Dates, Last-Mile Options and Fulfillment Decisions

Increase conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction by presenting customers with personalized, market-based options for when and how they can receive their products (order by, get by, get it today) while also improving cost to serve from promise to post-order decisioning with ML and fulfillment powered optimization algorithms.

Seamless Order Management From Click To Collect

Gain an enterprise view and manage orders regardless of channels, source, and types – digital, B2B, stores, call centers, online marketplaces, etc. Schedule, orchestrate, modify, and support the complete order lifecycle with a single source of truth from order to delivery, including call center and returns.

Adaptive Fulfillment & Warehousing

Whether local stores or urban-based fulfillment centers, enable the speed and convenience customers expect whether it be curbside pickup, buy online/pickup in-store (BOPIS), ship from/to store, or same-day delivery. From receiving and putting away, to picking, packing, and customer or carrier handoff, streamline processes and increase the efficiency of end-to-end fulfillment operations to meet customer expectations.

Order and Fulfillment Insights

Helps retailers improve the percentage of perfect orders by delivering end-to-end visibility into order fulfillment. Leverages advanced ML algorithms and AI capabilities to generate actionable insights and predict potential issues that will impact delivery of orders.


Gain Real-time Availability

Verbessern Sie die Kundenbindung und E-Commerce-Konversionsraten mit Bestandsverfügbarkeitsdaten auf Standort- und Unternehmensebene in Echtzeit.

Keep and Deliver Promises

Provide accurate product availability and order promises to meet customer expectations each and every time.

Increase Order Visibility

Deliver transparency from browse to order to fulfillment so your customer always knows their order status.

Personalisierte Kundenerlebnisse

Make recommendations and deliver the right product, at the right time, through the customer’s channel of choice.

Optimize Fulfillment

Erfüllen Sie Bestellungen basierend auf Kosten, Produktauswahl, Entfernung und anderen Variablen in Ihrem gesamten Netzwerk rentabel und effizient.

Improve Time to Value

Leverage scalable, augmentative microservices that can be deployed in a matter of months to rapidly address business issues.

Schöpfen Sie mit Blue Yonder Ihr Commerce-Potenzial aus

Verbesserte Kundenerfahrung (Customer Experience, CX) 

Bieten Sie personalisierte Einkaufserfahrungen, die Kunden während der Einkaufsreise unterstützen, um Konversionsraten zu steigern. 

Digitale Transformation

Integrieren Sie Online-Shopping mit In-Store-Erlebnissen für eine nahtlose Shopping Journey, die Kunden unabhängig von ihrem Einkaufsstil anspricht.

Verbesserte Optionen für Geschwindigkeit und Komfort 

Geben Sie Kunden die Möglichkeit, das richtige Produkt zur richtigen Zeit über ihren bevorzugten Kanal (Versand nach Hause, BOPIS, Curbside-Abholung, Standardversand) zu erhalten und gleichzeitig die Kosten zu optimieren.

Verbesserte Kundenerfahrung

Nutzen Sie die neuesten Technologien und kundenorientierten Funktionen, um die sich rasant entwickelnden Erwartungen der Verbraucher zu erfüllen.

Schnellere Integration

Implementieren Sie API-basierte Microservices mit chirurgischer Präzision in bestehende Lösungen, anstatt alte Lösungen komplett zu ersetzen.

Operative Leistungsfähigkeit

Erfüllen Sie Nachfragespitzen mit einer Lösung, die extrem skalierbar und hocheffizient ist und sich mithilfe von Data Science selbst optimiert.

Optimiertes Order Management

Verwenden Sie unternehmensweit integrierte Informationen zu Auftragstransaktionen, um sicherzustellen, dass Bestellungen genau erfüllt und die erwarteten Fulfillment-Zeiten eingehalten werden.

End-to-End Transparenz

Nutzen Sie Bestandstransparenz in Echtzeit, um besser zu verstehen, wie viel Bestand verfügbar ist und wo er sich befindet, um die Kundenbindung und die Umsätze zu steigern

Verbessertes Fulfillment

Reduzieren Sie mit Multi-Faktor-Optimierung die Servicekosten und erfüllen Sie Kundenerwartungen

Efficient store operations

Leverage stores for in-store fulfillment while optimizing the process of receiving, prioritizing, picking, packing and delivering consumer orders to drive labor efficiencies, improve fill rates, and improve customer satisfaction.

Zufriedenere Kunden

Enable shoppers to get accurate and on-time curbside, BOPIS, ship from/to store, and same-day delivery/ last mile delivery while driving fulfillment efficiencies.

Improved P&L

Support fulfillment while reducing the cost to serve

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