Education Services

Blue Yonder Education Services provides training and certification programs that expand your human capital, enhance your processes and boost performance across your organization. Part of the global Blue Yonder Services organization, Blue Yonder Education Services is comprised of an expert team of professionals with an average tenure of more than 14 years. These knowledgeable experts apply their wealth of technology resources to deliver training in the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective manner for your organization. Our goal is to arm you with knowledge of business processes and best practices that can be used in combination with Blue Yonder software to help your organization meet real-world challenges and capitalize on market opportunities.


Faster supply chain improvements that deliver rapid returns

Full utilization of new technologies and related processes

An immediate kick-start for key performance metrics

Broad cultural change tied to the new supply chain direction

End-to-end Training

By increasing understanding of advanced technology solutions and leading-edge business processes, the Blue Yonder Education Services team has helped our customers’ employees maximize their own contribution to the shared success of the organization — which maximizes the overall return on investment for their employers. 

A Blended Learning Approach

A variety of delivery options, such as face-to face, virtual classroom, and self-paced, ensures that your organization can minimize training time and associated cost, while you maximize value to your business. Whether you select the personal nature of instructor-led training, the efficiency and flexibility of self-paced, web-based e-learning, or a combined approach that blends the best of both methods, Blue Yonder Education Services has education and training alternatives that will fit your specific needs.

Blue Yonder Training

The most available Blue Yonder solution training content anywhere. For Blue Yonder software solution customers who need broadly encompassing training, Education Services provides enterprise access to the widest on-demand resources to ensure an educated workforce.

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