Luminate Warehouse Tasking

Optimize Tasks in Near Real-Time

Optimize Your Warehouse Operations

Achieve the highest level of efficiency for single task operations with data-driven precision and the ability to uncover operational difficulties. Machine learning (ML)- driven Luminate Warehouse Tasking unlocks efficiency using a new approach to organizing work with a robust software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution running without interruption on Microsoft® Azure®. Luminate Warehouse Tasking was developed to extend and enhance JDA Warehouse Management. With our native SaaS solutions, you can avoid unnecessary expenditures in rising labor costs while maintaining an adequate workforce for market demands. Tasks are assigned based on the parameters you define, while the engine tracks task-related shift lengths, and times the position of labor resources in near real-time.

Accelerate Productivity

Achieve efficiency gains through better resource utilization and tackle the problem of workforce visibility. Warehouse Tasking provides a deeper view into productivity and other labor parameters.


Less Empty Travel Time

On-Time Delivery

Deliver on time and in full with smart appointment scheduling, dock scheduling, and yard management capabilities.


Decreased Expediting Costs

Task Prioritization

Assign tasks based on parameters you define. Track task-related shift lengths and labor resource positioning in real time.


Reduction in Task Administration Cost

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