Luminate Store Fulfillment

Precision Demand Forecast and Reduced Out-of-Stocks

Seamless Retail Experiences

Luminate Store Fulfillment uses machine learning to help you gain a competitive edge, automating store replenishment decisions and reducing out-of-stocks by as much as 80%. JDA’s powerful solution calculates demand and optimizes order decisions by store, product and day, with independent forecast calculations for each store and product. Get more accurate results than traditional forecasting methods and reduce waste while reducing unnecessary manual interventions.  Running on Microsoft® Azure®, this cognitive, SaaS solution updates in real-time, preventing delays in your important planning schedule.

Better Customer Service

Store Fulfillment creates accurate, granular demand forecasts, optimizing product availability while reducing waste and unnecessary manual interventions.


Out-of-Stock Reduction

Close the Execution Gap

The recommended store order quantities Store Fulfillment delivers can be executed without manual oversight or intervention, while manual exception management can be handled online.


Reduction in Gaps

Higher Return-on-Investment

Store Fulfillment applies machine learning (ML) technology to prediction models, learns the dynamics of item demand through sales data and other sources, then evaluates the data’s influence on customer demand. This provides you more accurate results over traditional forecasting methods.
Accurate Demand Predictions

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