Assortment Optimization

Create profitable assortments across all your shelves and floor plans — with the industry’s only space-aware planning solution

Category leaders are often made or undone by their assortments. The wrong products take up valuable shelf space, gather dust and erode retailer margins — while the right products generate revenues and earn customers’ loyalty. With so much riding on an accurate product mix, you need JDA Assortment Optimization. It’s the industry’s only space-aware solution, combining spatial and planogram data with point-of-sale, market and demographic insights. Why guess, when you can optimize with JDA?

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Enhanced Productivity

Assortment Optimization simplifies the complex assortment selection process by performing all necessary functions, plus enforcing and analyzing strategies.
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Improved Labor Efficiency

Better Assortment Planning

By integrating your spatial and planogram data with point-of-sale, market and demographic information, you can lower inventory costs with great precision.
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Reduced Expenses

Increased Sales and Profit

Assortment Optimization supports targeted and space-aware assortments that improve sales and shopper satisfaction.
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Increased Revenue

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