Create profitable assortments in every channel and every store, based on a deep understanding of localized needs

Align Assortments with Current Local Demand to Meet Financial Goals

In the highly competitive retail marketplace, accurate product placement is critical to meet the financial objectives of your business.  Merchandisers must consider various channels, individual stores and the product attributes to meet diverse customer demand and business goals.   

JDA Allocation is the just-in-time execution of your assortment based on how customers are shopping at your individual stores.  This SaaS based solution recommends the right merchandise, even down to size, so retailers can optimize inventory, reduce waste and unnecessary markdowns.  By gaining insights from AI forecasts, you can match your assortment to current local demand, work seamlessly with other retail planning solutions and align your inventory to meet financial goals.  

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Improved Gross Margin

Align allocation to customer preferences and demand.
Reduced Unplanned Clearance Markdowns

Increased Visibility

Retail supply chain visibility enables better decisions and reduces waste.
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Reduced Inventory

Automated Process

Gain greater efficiency by automating key processes.
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Increased Productivity

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