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While tactics are critical delivering products on time and satisfying customers, a high-level vision is also essential in achieving long-term competitiveness. JDA Professional Services supports your business in taking a step back and answering important questions: “What are we doing well today?” and “What can we do better in the future?” With deep expertise across industries, JDA consultants uncover trends and threats that affect your business — and best practices so you can address them.

JDA supports your company with these high-impact services:

Digital Innovation Assessment

Businesses of all types need to embrace innovative digital technologies to reach a new level of performance. They need to move beyond the standards set by traditional technologies and an operational focus. Created by JDA Professional Services, the Digital Innovation Assessment helps customers develop a digital roadmap that’s unique to their specific challenges and maximizes the return on their digital investments.

The Digital Innovation Assessment assesses each customer’s digital maturity across six dimensions and on a four-level scale of increasing capabilities: reactive, anticipative, proactive and autonomous.  It offers a view of digital opportunities at both levels — enterprise and process — enabling companies to gain a broad range of short- and long-term benefits from new digital technologies.


Strategic Opportunity Assessment

Using a Strategic Opportunity Assessment, our consultants identify where your end-to-end supply chain is under-performing — and help define opportunities that set the stage for dramatic transformation and market leadership. Based on our in-depth analysis, JDA consultants recommend a new course of action that supports your top-level strategy with leading-edge technology solutions and proven best practices.

Backed by thousands of customer engagements, JDA Professional Services consultants are uniquely qualified to define your road map for transformation — and a new set of performance metrics that support true efficiency and profitability in the digital age.

Strategic Readiness Assessment

From artificial intelligence and machine learning to robotics, most companies are exploring new technologies to transform the end-to-end supply chain and support success in a fast-evolving, more connected business landscape. But is your supply chain prepared to capitalize on these game-changing technologies, as well as new best practices?

JDA’s Strategic Readiness Assessment — a unique offering from JDA Professional Services —can significantly increase return on investment by assessing your current supply chain landscape before implementation. To position the business for supply chain excellence and market dominance, JDA consultants examine the people, processes and supply chain infrastructure in place before making transformational changes. JDA consultants can help eliminate functional silos, redefine performance metrics, update key processes, improve the use of data and otherwise set the stage for success.

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“We can rely on JDA’s expertise and collaborative approach every time.”

Kent Bailey, Senior Space Manager at RaceTrac

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