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A new age for the supply chain has arrived – companies are moving faster than ever to produce more while reducing cost and turnaround.  To thrive in a fast-moving marketplace, companies are exploring new business models, supply chain strategies and technologies that completely transform their companies for leadership. 

Backed by thousands of customer engagements, JDA Professional Services understands how technology can drive this kind of transformation. JDA has the industry’s most forward-looking supply chain solutions that support unprecedented autonomy and flexibility. JDA’s global team offers business expertise at both the functional and strategic levels, so your business can achieve a true transformation, quickly and cost-effectively.

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JDA Professional Services accelerate your supply chain results and support transformation at three key stages:

Discovery - Every business has its own unique set of supply chain obstacles and opportunities. JDA consultants set the stage for transformation with a practical action plan that identifies these challenges upfront.

Enablement - Once you have a plan in place, how do you implement it? Leverage our experience to quickly create your own success story – JDA Professional Services has led over 1,000 successful implementations.

Expansion - The implementation is only the beginning. Let JDA help benchmark your progress, improve your results and leverage data and analytics every step of the way.

Customer Success with JDA Services

“The JDA consultants that worked at the Office Depot engagement were extremely knowledgeable about the JDA applications (both functionally and technically). They had positive attitudes and were flexible in their work schedule and ethic.”

Larry Gonzalez, Sr. Manager, Supply Chain & Inventory Management at Office Depot

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