Data Management

Unify vast sources of data into a single model to empower users with information across and beyond the enterprise

A large part of the value of digital transformation efforts is derived from the data a company is able to use to drive business performance. The Luminate™ Platform provides a single ingestion point for all of your data sources to ensure dashboards, business applications, machine learning and analytics across the enterprise and extended network are empowered with the highest quality data to deliver insights, optimize operations and drive competitive advantage.
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Industry Solutions

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Retail Softlines

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Retail Hardlines

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Process Manufacturing

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Discrete Manufacturing

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Restaurants & Foodservice

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Grocery & Pharmacy

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Third Party Logistics

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Wholesale Distribution


Enable more accurate, profitable business decisions

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Control Tower

Real-time visibility and orchestration across your supply chain

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Integration & APIs

Easily connect data within and beyond your enterprise

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Internet of Things

Harness the power of the edge

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Analytics & Insights

Improve strategic insight to guide the enterprise

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Workflow & Orchestration

Streamline and guide roles and processes across the enterprise

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User Experience

Consistent and compelling user experience across the enterprise

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Luminate Platform

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