A shared vision for digital transformation

Blue Yonder & Microsoft

Born-in-the-cloud, Blue Yonder’s strategic partnership with Microsoft ties into our broader vision to deliver an Autonomous Supply Chain™ to organizations through an infusion of advanced, intelligent, cloud platform capabilities. Our shared vision of digital transformation ensures that our customers get the most value from their technology investments throughout their journey. 

Fulfill your potential with 
Blue Yonder SaaS solutions

Built on a cognitive, connected real-time platform, Blue Yonder solutions deliver complete supply chain visibility and prescriptive recommendations that enable more accurate, profitable business decisions.  Customers will benefit from the resiliency, security, scalability and monitoring capabilities – among other features – that come natively with Azure. By using Blue Yonder’s Luminate applications, you can drive a more agile supply chain and operate your business at peak performance, all the time. Get ready to realize value faster with Blue Yonder’s Journey to the Cloud program. 

Accelerate the Journey with Microsoft Cloud

Future-proofing your supply chain has become an imperative for today’s businesses. Companies need solutions that are agile, connected and enabled by a cloud platform. Microsoft Cloud provides the innovation and flexibility that is required to achieve your business goals in today’s everchanging market. Our partnership is built on the fundamental principle of co-innovation which is anchored on four pillars: Azure, IoT, Dynamics and Teams.  

End-to-end purpose built

From raw materials to delivery of end product to the customer, Blue Yonder manages the entire supply chain.

Optimize and automate

Luminate™ Platform, built on Azure, allows you to make faster and more profitable business decisions leveraging real-time and high-quality data.

Visibility, collaboration & orchestration

Blue Yonder solutions leverage AI, IoT and ML technologies to power digital transformation

Empower your workforce

Blue Yonder and Microsoft are digitally transforming the associate experience through the integration of Workforce Management and Microsoft Teams.

Reimagine your supply chain

Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) and Executive Centers (EC) around the world allow you to experience the power of combined capabilities from Microsoft Azure and Blue Yonder. Whether you are in the manufacturing, retail or automotive industry, Blue Yonder’s solutions help you envision how to reimagine your supply chain and empower your employees to deliver an exceptional customer experience. You can virtually visit the centers to enjoy the full experience of Microsoft and Blue Yonder together. To schedule a virtual visit in a MTC, please contact your Blue Yonder representative.

Recognized Leadership

Blue Yonder is proud to be recognized by Microsoft for demonstrating excellence in innovation through our Azure-based solutions.

Driving Customer Value


DHL Supply Chain, the global leader in contract logistics, implemented a new “plug & play” robotics hub in collaboration with Microsoft and Blue Yonder, the leading artificial intelligence-driven digital fulfillment provider. 


UK grocery retailer Morrisons achieved same-store sales growth of 2.6% by leveraging an artificial intelligence-infused planning solution from Blue Yonder to increase the shelf availability of 29,000 SKUs across 130 categories at its almost 500 stores.


BD’s journey into the merging of the physical and digital supply chain. Learn about the considerations and perils of starting such a journey, whether the two components are in conflict, and one view of the physi-digital supply chain of the future.

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