HERBL Cuts Operating Expenses by 20%

Meets Skyrocketing Demand Profitably

As California’s largest cannabis distributor and supply chain solutions company, HERBL experienced incredibly rapid growth as market demand exploded. The company grew from $20 million in revenues to $200 million in just three years.

To accurately predict demand and make profitable choices in serving more than 850 retail licensees — while also satisfying strict regulatory requirements — HERBL turned to Blue Yonder. A full suite of Blue Yonder solutions, delivered via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and deployed on Luminate Platform, have enabled HERBL to significantly cut operating expenses and increase productivity. The cloud delivery model supported a four-month implementation.

Together, Blue Yonder solutions in demand planning, supply planning, warehouse management, and space and floor planning allow HERBL to visualize and optimize its complex supply chain in real time.

Business Impact

20% reduction in operating expenses
15% improvement in productivity

Achieved go-live in just 4 months

Real-time tracking and traceability

The Challenge

The explosive growth of the cannabis market was placing a significant strain on HERBL’s supply chain assets and its staff. The company was challenged to keep pace with rapidly increasing demand while also making profitable decisions. HERBL needed to:

• Accurately forecast demand across 850 locations

• Strategically choose the best way to meet that demand

• Enable real-time product tracking to meet regulatory requirements

• Increase staff productivity and efficiency

• Launch new solutions quickly due to ongoing demand growth

The Results

Enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), HERBL’s suite of Blue Yonder solutions position the company to make data-driven decisions that balance high service levels with profit margin protection ― delivering a 20% reduction in operating expenses. Automated planning and decision-making support a 15% improvement in productivity.

Blue Yonder also helps HERBL manage its strict regulatory requirements. Working in concert and unified by Luminate Platform, Blue Yonder solutions enable HERBL to visualize the entire supply chain in real time, supporting a sophisticated track-and-trace capability from the moment product arrives in a warehouse to the moment it’s delivered to a retailer.

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