Build a Profitable Customer Commerce Machine

Retail Hardlines

Your customers demand seamless shopping experiences so they can order and receive products when and where they want. Retailers like you are evolving to meet this demand through unified commerce while offering more personalized assortments. Blue Yonder helps you with leading-edge data science that applies customer insights to drive a new retail experience with deeply personalized interactions and ultra-precise segmentation. As lines blur between order and fulfillment channels, these powerful capabilities make frictionless shopping both a reality and a competitive advantage.

Our Capabilities

From forecasting and replenishment to optimizing warehousing, transportation and delivery, Blue Yonder helps you give consumers a frictionless experience that earns their loyalty.

Demand Planning

Set the stage for profitability by understanding true demand and synchronizing your supply chain to fulfill it

Store Execution

Ensure consistent quality, profitability and customer satisfaction by automating all your site-based retail operations

Pricing & Promotions

Ensure profitability from launch through to markdown by making smart pricing decisions at every stage

Assortment Management

Eliminate the guesswork and create profitable assortments across products and floor plans

Backed by Our Luminate™ Platform

Fulfill your potential with the most powerful digital fulfillment platform for next-generation supply chains

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