Align Top-Level Plans with Enterprise-Wide Execution

Process Manufacturing

As modern supply chain management enters the next generation, manufacturing planning processes will continue to undergo massive changes. A dramatically empowered customer, a rapidly changing workforce and an unprecedented amount of technological innovation will usher in an era of tremendous changes for both manufacturing and distribution companies. This means you'll need Blue Yonder's cutting-edge, predictive supply chain solutions.

Our Capabilities

Few industries are as complex as process manufacturing. Whether you’re operating in a make-to-stock, make-to-order or configure-to-order environment, you need to achieve excellence in an incredible number of disciplines — from forecasting demand and planning for materials availability to optimizing warehousing, transportation and delivery we have you covered. 

Supply Planning & Replenishment 

Achieve predictable supply chain results in an unpredictable world by leveraging the power of continuous planning

Production Planning

Take production planning to the next level by strategically balancing customer service with real world costs

Network Design

Transform your supply chain into a source of competitive advantage with innovative network design and optimization

Sales & Operations Planning

Realize revenue, margin and operating performance gains through improved decision support and cross-functional alignment  

Backed by Our Luminate™ Platform

Fulfill your potential with the most powerful digital fulfillment platform for next-generation supply chains.

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