Through a combination of microservices architecture and artificial intelligence (AI), Blue Yonder’s Luminate™ Platform analyzes critical supply, demand, and customer data to determine optimal fulfillment scenarios, creates the urgency to buy, and delivers the fulfillment personalization and convenience that consumers demand. The platform brings together inventory and order microservices to deliver personalized experiences that customers expect. Leveraging leading-edge machine learning algorithms, the platform continuously monitors historical and real-time execution data to dynamically adapt, optimize, and adjust settings to present your customers with the most accurate and reliable commitments possible. 

Domain-centric Microservices

Blue Yonder has built domain-centric microservices that drive your e-commerce business across inventory, omni-channel fulfillment and optimization. Our API-based microservices architecture allows for a surgical implementation approach that enables new capabilities to be rapidly deployed within existing systems. The platform delivers performance at an internet-scale and is capable of handling tens of thousands of transactions per second with millisecond response times to meet demand peaks. It uses AI to make it easier to manage the complex supply chain data that needs to balance inventory exposure and order execution.   


Delivers a single view of inventory availability and visibility.  It allows retailers to understand what’s sellable/non-sellable at a location and enterprise-level as well as provide product availability by fulfillment type and location.  Inventory also enables reservations and inventory protection to ensure that retailers can fulfill the promise to customers.

Omni-channel Fulfillment

Uses real-time inventory availability to determine when and how to pick, pack and ship products (ship to/from store, buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS, ship to home). These microservices allow retailers to provide accurate and reliable commitments to customers. 


A single optimization engine drives both pre and post buying options and commitments. Pre-sourcing provides shipping options and delivery dates early in the order process, increasing click-through rates. Post-sourcing ensures that retailers can profitably fulfill commitments.


Continuous integration and deployments allow for faster time to market and lower costs  

Modern architecture lets you strategically insert microservices within existing systems

More immersive user experiences through deep contextual interactions exposed through APIs

Enterprise scale and performance agility



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Luminate Platform

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