Uwe Weiss

Executive Vice President - Machine Learning

Uwe Weiss is an entrepreneurial optimist who is fascinated by disruptive technologies and technological macro trends. As EVP of Machine Learning (ML), Uwe is responsible for evangelizing ML in Blue Yonder’s global markets while ensuring that the customer’s experience is as promised.

Uwe “thinks ML” in everything he does, engaging with customers around the world, evangelizing ML at roadshows globally, and ensuring that Blue Yonder has an end-to-end synchronized cross-functional ML value delivery proposition.

With his main base in Germany, a second base in Spain, and an American wife, Uwe's internationalism is a colorful thread running through the fabric of his personal and professional life. In his personal time, he listens to indie music and loves mountain biking. He avidly reads about tech, science, and economics, and rarely goes anywhere without a novel in his backpack.