Martin Felli

Chief Legal and Administrative Officer

Martin Felli is a busy man, especially since he wears many hats at Blue Yonder. As the Chief Legal and Administrative Officer, he provides leadership on all legal and compliance matters to ensure the company is always moving forward ethically and with integrity. This includes corporate governance, compliance, litigation and risk management, acquisition activity, commercial transactions, and government affairs.

In addition, he oversees the company’s IT group and security organization, which works to ensure customers can engage with Blue Yonder confidently and efficiently. He also oversees the global business services organization, an organization comprised of the real estate, facilities and procurement teams, ensuring cost effective and efficient procurement practices and that the company’s facilities around the globe provide a safe and pleasant working environment for associates, as well as its customers.

Above all else, he believes his most important responsibility is to encourage every associate to achieve the best of themselves.

As one of the executive sponsors of the company’s Core Values initiative, he is quick to point out that they were developed as a grassroots process shaped by a diverse cross-section of associates from around the world. He believes these values are especially important as Blue Yonder builds its SaaS organization – it’s what differentiates the company from its competitors. To him, these values link directly to Blue Yonder’s essence as a company.

Martin describes himself as passionate, conscientious and purposeful. In his downtime, he can be found gardening, biking, hiking or watching historical documentaries.

4 Questions with Martin:

  1. Which of Blue Yonder’s Core Value resonates most with you?
    All of our Core Values have incredible worth and depth. If I had to pick one, it would be Empathy. To me, it is a foundational value because it allows people to work with, through and better understand one another. Once you have an understanding of the other person, you are able to deliver Results, engage in Teamwork, and pursue opportunities in a Relentless matter.
  2. What are the biggest opportunities for organizations looking to work with Blue Yonder?
    We are a company that listens. And we are incredibly purposeful. Organizations that are looking for value, the best minds in the industry, strong AI and ML capabilities, and who want a true partnership will find all that with Blue Yonder.
  3. What does your best day at Blue Yonder look like?
    When I get to engage, encourage and motivate associates to help further their aspirations, that’s what motivates me and gets me excited.
  4. If you weren’t in supply chain, what would be your dream job?
    I love real estate and design, especially midcentury modern architecture. I would love to be designing residential homes with contemporary and midcentury modern touches.