Girish Rishi
Chief Executive Officer

Transparent. Mindful. Activist. This is Girish Rishi.

As Chief Executive Officer of Blue Yonder, Girish’s role is one of listener and lifelong learner – from customer voices to associate sentiment, industry leaders and world changers. Since joining Blue Yonder in January 2017, Girish has led a purpose- and values-driven culture on a path to building a representative and inclusive associate base. But if he had to choose just one core value as his favorite, it would be teamwork, for embodying innate candor and collaboration. In just his third year at the helm, Blue Yonder earned recognition as "Best Place to Work- Employees' Choice" by Glassdoor.

During Girish’s leadership tenure, Blue Yonder has launched a cloud-based portfolio that utilizes machine learning and gathers insights from the intelligent edge. This portfolio helps companies forecast demand and supply, fulfill in to omni-channels and effectively plan their workforce. A relentless learner, he is passionate about delivering customer value, and travels around the globe meeting with customers, partners and associates. 

4 Questions with Girish:

  1. What excites you most about working at Blue Yonder?  
    Envisioning and building the future of fulfillment of food, water, medical supplies, clothing, building materials, automobiles and more. 
  2. How does Blue Yonder enable customers to fulfill their potential?  
    By making insight available to our planners, warehouse workers, retail store employees and workforce in general. 
  3. What does your best day at Blue Yonder look like?  
    When I am able to fulfill my curiosity by asking 100 questions in a day—of our associates, partners and customers.
  4. What’s your personal mission statement/mantra?  
    Absolute transparency drives absolute trust.