Delivering an Efficient, Responsive and Sustainable Grocery Supply Chain


In today’s consumer-driven world, buying habits shift quickly. For retailers, especially grocers, empowering affordable fresh and convenient delivery options is critical. To meet these expectations, grocers need to create a customer-driven circular supply chain centered around customer demand. Blue Yonder’s solutions, tailored for Grocery, intelligently integrate customer demand, inventory, labor, and fulfillment to deliver a responsive and sustainable supply chain.

Use Cases

With diverse sales channels, price transparency and increased competition, it's harder than ever to maintain margins. Profitability depends on efficient sourcing, pricing, storing, allocating, and staffing across the business end-to-end.

Space & Floor Planning

Optimize store space, inventory, and on-shelf availability to increase profitability and customer satisfaction

Store Forecasting

Optimize costs and service levels in your store operations, creating a significant boost in profitability

Replenishment Planning

Bring the right amount of merchandise to the consumer at the right point in time, while eliminating waste and reducing stock-outs

Pricing & Promotions

Ensure profitability from market launch through markdown

Warehouse & Labor Management

Optimize costs, maximize labor productivity, and increase service levels in your everyday warehouse operations, creating a significant boost in profitability

Transportation Management

Optimize transportation of products to meet the service levels of customers with improved visibility while maximizing labor and equipment productivity

Backed by Our Luminate Platform

Fulfill your potential with the most powerful digital fulfillment platform for next-generation supply chains

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